Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dating developments

Hey there, it's been a while. I can't say I've been busy this summer, unless you consider watching loads of anime and chatting on facebook non-stop work. I was supposed to be studying but...

I failed 5 lessons in the midterm and final exams and so far I've been managing to achieve higher scores in them, but still not high enough to pass. I really think seeing 3 instead of 1 on my grade sheet will make me feel better about myself. I failed once again, but this time not as miserably. Whatever, I'm not giving up!

(note: Any similarities between that last statement and typical shounen anime characters is coincidental, but understandable)

So, repeating my exams is the major event going on right now. Along with some other things...

I can give you the short version or I can give you the long version. Being me, I choose the latter. But worry not, I will give you a hint; I think I might be dating someone.

And here goes:

Have you ever watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? In a certain part of the film, we are given a whole description of the random events that led to Cate Blanchett getting hit by a car. She survived, don't worry. Things that seemed- and were- completely irrelevant to her made it so that the car was there at exactly the time she was on the road. If any one thing had been different, the accident wouldn't have occurred.

That's sort of how it went. Well, not exactly. But I have the habit of doing this, thinking of events and what led to them and each time I'm reminded of this film. Not each time, but a lot of the times. As you know from previous posts, I made a profile on a dating site, which I have since deleted. Overall, I didn't like it and I wanted to delete it right away. But I didn't. And this is good.

I got talking to people, as you usually do on such sites, namely ones with similar interests. My current obsession being anime, I liked to discuss that with people. This one person said Shingeki no Kyojin was good. I had heard of it before, when searching for new music by Sound Horizon. Judging by their release pattern up to that point, it was about time they should have released another album. All I found was a song by Linked Horizon, made for this anime I didn't know. I watched the video and thought it was alright (just alright, would you believe that?!). It was so vastly different from their usual stuff, so I wasn't impressed right away. As for the anime, it didn't look like something that would appeal to me, and also, for some reason, I thought it was about Nazis.

This guy said he was obsessed with it so I thought I'd give it a go, expecting very little. One episode, one episode was all it took. About six episodes were out, the seventh coming out the next day. It was a big- and very pleasant- surprise. As the weeks went on, I loved it more and more. My anticipation for the next episode was unbearable sometimes. So strong it was, I even changed my facebook pictures for something relevant to SnK. I don't do that easily. Never before have I had an anime avatar. The fact I made this change speaks of my adoration by itself.

That little action of mine caught the attention of a fellow student. He started talking to me and that's how it began.

Now, I probably would have started watching SnK after seeing all the hype over it, but not until later. I don't know how much later. Maybe I wouldn't have changed my profile pic in the spur of the moment and this whole situation wouldn't have occurred. And for that alone, I'm thankful to my dating profile and the people I spoke to.

A girl in touch with her nerd side might be most guy's dream, but what if the girl is a bigger nerd than the guy?!! Nerd... Tss. More like otaku...

I think that's it for now. Exams are currectly keeping us appart (he lives far away) and I miss him so much. We're supposed to be meeting again soon, but even that seems too long of a time. Isn't it funny that over 90% of our communication has happened through a computer? Even though we've been in the same uni for a year, we've only spoken a few times in person.

That's that, ja ne!

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